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ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors
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Vape Additives

Vape additives for liquids you vape, including e-liquid, cbd, or thc vaping liquids.


Try FlavorTudes FlavorShots - 'add a little, not a lot, choose your favorite Flavor Shot!'


Flavor Artists Concentrated Flavoring products are pure flavoring!  Used in baking, cooking, candy-making, beverages hot or cold, or use to add extra flavor to our favorite liquids.

  • ECBlend E Liquid Sweetener
    $5.50 ECBlend Sweetener (PG Base)
    Now you can add the sweetener you desire, you control the amount!  DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Add one drop per 5mL E-Juice.  Adjust for taste. ECBlend Sweetener is 100% water-soluble and contains: Propylene Glycol...

  • ECBlend Sweetener for Vaping
    $5.50 ECBlend Sweetener (VG Base)
    Now you can add the sweetener you desire, you control the amount!  DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Add one drop per 5mL E-Liquid. Adjust for taste. ECBlend Sweetener is 100% water-soluble and contains: Vegetable...

  • Pure Propylene Glycol
    $3.95 Propylene Glycol
    Propylene Glycol (PG) is a clear, colorless liquid with the consistency of syrup.  It is practically odorless and tasteless.   PG is the perfect flavor carrier for all of your custom blends.  We use...

  • The Bitter Truth E-Liquid Additive by ECBlend
    $8.50 The Bitter Truth - Anti Sweet
    The Bitter Truth - Anti Sweet for E-Liquid  Reduce the natural sweetness of the PG and VG in e-liquids.  Although mainly used and recommended for tobaccos, this may be used to lessen the sweetness of other...

  • ECBlend E-Liquid Tobacco Magic™ Flavor Enhancer
    $8.50 Tobacco Magic Flavor Enhancer
    ECBlend Tobacco Magic™  Designed by ECBlend to enhance ECBlend tobacco-flavored e-liquids.  Tobacco Magic™ helps smooth out the dry taste and remove some of the harsh bite from tobacco...

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
    $3.95 Vegetable Glycerin
    Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Kosher, USP certified.  No Soy.   Our VG is 99.7% (with the remaining 0.3% being water) food-grade palm-derived Vegetable Glycerin (VG). There are no animal by-products in...


E-Liquid with Nicotine Prop 65 Warning:

CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Teen-Agers: Whether you smoke, vape, or dip, the nicotine you are putting in your body is dangerously addictive and can be harmful to your developing brain. Fact: Teens who are exposed to nicotine are at higher risk for mood disorders, like depression.      [SmokeFree.gov]


E-Liquid with Nicotine FDA Warning:
WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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We highly recommend purchasing a small sample to find out if it is good for your personal tastes.
All e liquid images on this website are for flavor reference only. Flavors are liquid. NOT A FOOD PRODUCT.

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