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A CLEAROMIZER is a hybrid type of tank. 

ECBlend Clearomizer Category

It uses a wicking system to bring the e-liquid up to the heating coil. 

Even with colors it is TRANSPARENT.  How much E-Liquid is still in the clearomizer is easily seen.  This is very important in knowing how much e-liquid is left in the tank and helps avoid burnt taste that comes from letting your cartomizer go dry.

Easy to clean, and Clearomizers are generally larger than a regular cartomizer. 

Note:  Clearomizers work best with higher PG base mixes.  A base mix of 60% PG/40% VG to 100% PG work best.  Higher VG percentages can increase the likelihood of a burnt taste due to a dry wick and coil.  It is also recommended to tilt the tank so our E-Liquid covers wicks when inhaling.  This will help insure the wick and coil are saturated.

Please be sure you are ordering the correct part for your device.

RESISTANCES: Click here for recommendations on RESISTANCES (Ohms) that will work properly on your device.

  • Stock Vapor Ring at ECBlend Flavors
    $1.50 Accessory - ECBlend - Stock Vape Ring
    Accessory - ECBlend - Stock Vape Ring      Protect your pyrex tanks from breaking and avoid the liquidy mess of broken vape glass in style.  Are you tired of breaking your tanks?  Are you...
  • TBF Vapor Ring at ECBlend Flavors
    $1.25 Accessory - ECBlend - TBF Vape Ring
    Accessory - ECBlend - TuckBigFobacco Vapor Ring    Protect your pyrex tanks from breaking and avoid the liquidy mess of broken vape glass in style.  Are you tired of breaking your vape tanks?...
  • Clearomizer - Aspire CE5-S BDC at ECBlend
    $4.95 Clearomizer - Aspire - CE5-S BDC - Metal Body
    The Aspire CE5-S has an approx 1.8mL E-Liquid capacity with replaceable dual bottom coil (BDC).  The Bottom Coil design allows for superior wicking and maximizes flavor.  Compatible with EGO threaded batteries and...
  • Clearomizer - Ce5 - SmokTech - Redux - eGo 510 CE5
    $4.95 $1.95 Clearomizer - CE5 - SmokTech - Redux - eGo 510 CE5 - PC
    Replacement Head Coils > Clearomizer - SmokTech - Redux - Tank Replacement Head or Clearomizer Replacement Head - Smoktech - X2 Nova (For a dual coil Redux!) Standard 510 drip tips will not fit CE5...
  • Clearomizer - Horizon - Ultima Tank at ECBlend Flavors
    $22.95 $9.95 Clearomizer - Horizon - Ultima Tank
    ​​The Horizon Ultima Sub-Ohm tank introduces a new, highly effective, airflow circulating system that employs an offset coil design in that allows airflow to travel through the first coil then through the final second coil...
  • Innokin iClear30 Dual Coil Clearomizer at ECBlend
    $8.95 $1.95 Clearomizer - Innokin - iClear30 - DC - Rotatable
    Innokin iClear30 clearomizer (empty)  - Made from Polycarbonate plastic. (See Polycarbonite note below)   The iClear 30 features dual coils, an easily replaceable atomizer head, a large 3ML...
  • Clearomizer - Innokin - iClear BDC
    $6.95 $0.95 Clearomizer - Innokin - iClearB BDC
    The iClear30B (Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer) features bottom dual coils, an easily replaceable atomizer head, and a huge 3ML capacity.  This means vapers can vape longer between fills, uninterrupted.    A 2...
  • Innokin iSub B Clearomizer
    $18.95 Clearomizer - Innokin - iSub B Tank Kit
    The iSub B is the first Innokin iSub tank powered by advanced Plex3D Coils with 3D mesh which use less power to deliver more flavor and vapor.  The Plex3D coils have an advanced design with ‘Micro-Grooves’...
  • Innokin Prism T20 Clearomizer
    $8.95 Clearomizer - Innokin - Prism T20 Tank
    The Prism T20 clearomizer is designed for mouth-to-lung style vaping with fixed airflow that is pre-tuned to provide the best flavor at lower wattages.   Innokin's push-fit "no-spill" coil replacement technology...
  • Innokin Prism T20S Clearomizer
    $10.95 Clearomizer - Innokin - Prism T20s Tank
    The Prism S is the next generation tank and coil system.  Designed to focus on pure flavor and throat hit, this Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) clearomizer provided an exceptional vaping experience.   The Prism S coil...
  • Innokin SCION II Plexus Clearomizer
    $22.95 Clearomizer - Innokin - SCION II - Plexus
    Innokin is excited to offer you the SCION II, a tank that stays true to the original design while offering improvements in areas such as airflow control, parts interchangeability, aesthetics, and functionality...
  • Slipstream Tank - 2mL Capacity
    $12.95 Clearomizer - Innokin - Slipstream Tank - 2mL Capacity
    Introducing the Slipstream Tank, the newest creation from Innokin!  This innovative tank features a 21mm diameter, compact size design, and top airflow design; the Slipstream produces unrivaled flavor and vapor. ...
  • Kanger eVod Clearomizer at ECBlend
    $4.95 Clearomizer - Kanger - EVOD - PC
    The EVOD clearomizer has been upgraded.  The EVOD2 now has dual coils replacement heads, and a removable drip tip.  Fits any eGo 510 threaded battery.  Fill with your favorite ECBlend e-Liquid...
  • Kanger EVOD2 Clearomizer by ECBlend
    $5.95 $2.95 Clearomizer - Kanger - EVOD2 - PC
    Clearomizer - Kanger - EVOD2 - PC (empty)  - Made from Polycarbonate plastic. (See Polycarbonate note below)   The EVOD2 has an approx 1.8ml liquid capacity with replaceable bottom coil...
  • Kanger MT3S Bottom Coil Clearomizer
    $5.50 $3.95 Clearomizer - Kanger MT3S - PC
    The Kanger MT3S is a bottom coil clearomizer.  The wick and coil are always submerged in your E-Liquid to always insure they are properly saturated.   Quick Links:    Clearomizer Replacement...
  • ECBlend SmokTech Pyrex Aro Tank 510
    $7.95 $3.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - Aro Tank - 510 - Pyrex
    The SmokTech Aro Tank with a 2.5ml E-liquid capacity and replaceable bottom coil atomizer head.  Pyrex glass tube.   Quick Links:     Clearomizer - SmokTech - Tumbler/Trophy/Aro - Tank...
  • Clearomizer - SmokTech - Aro Tank v2 - 510 - Pyrex
    $7.50 $3.75 Clearomizer - SmokTech - Aro Tank v2 - 510 - Pyrex
    The Smoktech Aro Tank v2 provides the same great performance of the previous Aro tank, with a new design.  A 2.0mL E-liquid capacity, replaceable bottom coil atomizer head, and Pyrex glass tube to keep your clearomizer...
  • Smoktech FBC Clearomizer
    $7.95 $2.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - FBC - Pyrex
    The Smoktech FBC Clearomizers have the same great performance and look of the Aro Tank, but with a screw-on cap.  Discreetly put it in a shirt pocket and no one will suspect it's an e-cig! Perfect for the...
  • Smoktech Leader Pyrex 3mL Clearomizer
    $5.95 $1.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - Leader Pyrex 3mL BC
    The Smoktech Leader BC Tank with a 3mL E-liquid capacity and replaceable bottom coil atomizer head.  Inner pyrex glass tube with a protective outer polycarbonate tube.  The replacement coil is cross compatible with...
  • Smoktech Leader Pyrex 6mL Clearomizer
    $6.95 $2.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - Leader Pyrex 6mL BC
    Clearomizer - SmokTech - Leader BC 510 (empty)  - Pyrex 6ml   LINK > Replacement Head Coils > Clearomizer Replacement Head - SmokTech - Tumbler/Trophy/Aro The Smoktech Leader BC Tank with a 6ml...
  • Clearomizer - SmokTech - T-Dux 3.0 at ECBlend ELiquid Flavors
    $6.95 $3.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - T-Dux 3.0
    Featuring a redesigned dual coil that rests in a ceramic cup and now with increased juice flow for even better wicking to help avoid dry hits.       Utilizing eGo threadings helps the clearomizer sit...
  • Smoktech TFV12 Baby Prince
    $24.95 $18.50 Clearomizer - SmokTech - TFV12 - Baby Prince
    The Smoktech TFV12 Baby Prince is the upgraded version of the popular TFV12 baby beast.  Now available with Mesh and Strip replacement coils that produce denser clouds and purer flavor at the same...
  • TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank at ECBlend Flavors
    $29.95 $22.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - TFV12 - Cloud Beast King
    Introducing the king of all sub ohm tanks.  The Cloud King packs twelve massive coils within the atomizer head.  If you thought the TFV8 was great, wait until you try this big boy!  The TFV12 features wide...
  • Smoktech TFV12 Cloud Beast Prince Clearomizer
    $9,000,034.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - TFV12 - Cloud Beast Prince
    The new Smoktech TFV12 Prince Tank, the baby of the TFV12 Cloud Beast, is designed to be an all-around sub ohm tank for daily users.  A newly designed crown body with a convex glass tank effectively increasing the...
  • Smoktech TFV12 Prince Cobra Clearomizer Tank
    $29.95 $24.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - TFV12 - Prince Cobra
    The Smoktech TFV12 Prince Cobra is the upgraded version of the popular TFV12 Prince.  Now available with Mesh and Strip replacement coils that produce denser clouds and purer flavor at the same wattage...
  • TFV8 Baby Beast at ECBlend Flavors
    $21.95 $12.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - TFV8 - Baby Beast
    Built with high performance in mind, the SmokTech TFV8 Baby Beast Tank brings the amazing performance of the TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank into a smaller package.  This upgrade creates a well balanced and dynamic range with a...
  • Clearomizer - SmokTech - TFV8 - Cloud Beast
    $39.95 $19.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - TFV8 - Cloud Beast
    The Smoktech TFV8 is the ultimate sub-ohm atomizer.  The TFV8 utilizes 4 unique, patented Turbo Engines: V8-T8 (6.6T), V8-T6 (6.0T), V8-Q4 (5.0T), and the V8 RBA (4.0T-X), adjustable dual bottom airflow, and a...
  • Smoktech TFV8 Baby V2
    $19.95 Clearomizer - Smoktech - TFV8 Baby V2
    The Smoktech TFV8 Baby V2 sub ohm clearomizer begins a next generation to the popular TFV8 clearomizer series.  A new coil design paired with the extraordinary features of Smoktech exquisite designs.  The Baby...
  • SmokTech X2 Mini Nova
    $5.95 $0.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - X2 Mini Nova Kit - Dual Coil - 510 - PC
    This set includes 1 SmokTech X2 Mini Nova tank, drip tip and two 1.5ohm dual coil replacement head.   Available Only in color(s) shown as a selectable color option.    Link to Replacement...
  • Tobeco Super Tank Mini at ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors
    $17.95 $7.15 Clearomizer - Tobeco - Super Tank Mini - Authentic
    The Super Tank Mini is constructed from Pyrex glass and holds up to 4mL's of ELiquid.  Constructed of high quality stainless steel and aluminum with a Pyrex glass tank.  A friction fit drip tip with a...
  • Uwell - Crown II Clearomizer Tank
    $35.95 $12.95 Clearomizer - Uwell - Crown II Tank - 5mL
    The Crown Sub-Ohm Tank II by Uwell is the new and improved version of the popular Uwell Crown. The Uwell Crown II features a leak resistant top fill design, while the improved chimney design...
  • Vaporesso SKRR Clearomizer Tank
    $34.95 Clearomizer - Vaporesso - SKRR Tank
    The SKRR from Vaporesso is a beast of a clearomizer.  Featuring a massive 8mL capacity with innovative flax fiber and cotton wicking material.  The internal Quad Flow (QF) air distribution...
  • Vision 510 Mini Nova Clearomizer
    $5.95 $0.95 Clearomizer - Vision - 510 Mini Nova
    Clearomizer - Vision - 510 Mini Nova  This set includes 1 Vision Vivi Nova tank, drip tip and includes one replacement head in the following resistances: 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8 ohms  Instructions: Remove Drip Tip...
  • Wismec Gnome King Clearomizer - Black
    $26.95 Clearomizer - Wismec - Gnome King
    The GNOME King is a 26mm tank with 5.8mL E-Liquid capacity.  The GNOME King atomizer utilizes the updated WM coils for intense flavor and makes a perfect combo with the Wismec RX GEN3 Dual in terms of appearance and...
  • Friend Tip™ by ECBlend
    $0.25 Friend Tip™ by ECBlend
    Friend Tip® by ECBlend. Share your device with your family, friends, and customers safely.       Disposable or Reusable, Individually packaged in food-grade polybags...
  • Geekvape Griffin RTA
    $29.95 $9.95 Rebuildable Atomizer - Geekvape - Griffin RTA
    The Griffin by Geekvape, the first RTA with a large build deck capable of supporting dual clapton coils, features one of the largest and most distinct two-post deck that fits inside a 22mm tank atomizer.  The Griffin...
  • Hellvape - Dead Rabbit RTA
    $29.95 Rebuildable Atomizer - HellVape - Dead Rabbit RTA - 25mm
    A collaboration between HellVape and Vapin' Heathen resulting in the impressive Dead Rabbit RTA, expandable juice capacity, a raised four post build deck, and a top adjustable airflow.  The HellVape Dead Rabbit RTA...