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FAQ and Help on Shipping Options and Taxes

IMPORTANT:  If your package contains Vapor Products and you select a shipping option that says "does NOT contain vapor products", your order will be delayed while customer service reaches out to you to correct the shipping method.  'Vapor Products' (definition below) are defined by the PACT ACT for whether Adult Signature is required.  See "FREE SHIPPING" FAQ below on how you can avoid paying shipping fees altogether.
  • If your order contains 'Vapor Products' (see below), select a shipping option that says "contains Vapor Products"
  • If your order does not contain vapor products (see below), select the option that says "does not contain". This option will save you $9.05 in adult signature fees and allow USPS shipping

What is this about?
The PACT ACT, passed by congress prohibits vaping products from being shipped by the USPS (US Postal Service). It does not ban vaping products. It bans the shipping of them through USPS only. If your state allows the products, then you can buy it and we can ship it to you via other carriers.

What are "Vapor Products"?
The PACT ACT defines "Vapor Products (ENDS Products)" : Specifically, an ENDS product is defined as "any electronic device that, through an aerosolized solution, delivers nicotine, flavor, or any other substance to the user inhaling from the device," including "an e-cigarette; an e-hookah; an e-cigar; a vape pen; an advanced refillable personal vaporizer; an electronic pipe; and any component, liquid, part, or accessory of a device described [above], without regard to whether the component, liquid, part, or accessory is sold separately from the device."

What are "NOT Vapor Products"?
Examples of products that are not vapor products include, but are not limited to Flavor Artists flavorings. Designed for baking, candy making, beverage enhancements and other uses, it depends on your intention. If you do not intend to use flavorings for vaping, then they are not vaping products. This includes any flavoring of any brand that you can buy anywhere. The same goes for PG or VG, these are products you can buy from thousands of non vaping sites. If you do not intend to use the product for vaping, then it is not a vaping product. Batteries that can be used for other purposes, lanyards, or other products on our site not intended to be put in or used on your device are not vaping products.

Will I have to sign for my package?
No, if your package does not contain vaping products: you will not be required to pay for or have adult verification. Yes, if your package contains vaping products:  The PACT Act requires that every delivery containing "Vapor Products" will require an adult 21+ in the U.S. with an ID to sign for the package in ALL states. It may be easier to have your order sent to a work address to ensure you don't miss your delivery.

What if I am not home?
It may be easier to have your order sent to a work address to ensure you don't miss your delivery.  USPS and Carrier X have a few options for you if you won’t be home to sign for your packages. The mail carrier will leave a slip in your mailbox so you can retrieve your package from a clerk after showing your ID and signing. Alternatively, you can request that delivery of your package to a different location, a family member or trusted friend who is over 21 and able to show their age. If you have a schedule where you cannot be home, consider buying in bulk.  That way you can stock up in fewer shipments and reduce the extra steps needed.

Why do I have to pay $9.05 for Adult Signature, and what exactly is Adult Signature?
The definition of vape products includes vape juice, disposables, vape devices, and all hardware parts. This means that an adult aged 21+ who lives at your 'SHIP TO' address will be required to show a valid photo ID to the mail carrier and sign for your package to receive it. This additional step will add a $9.05 fee onto every order. 

How can I save the $9.05?
If you ship Vapor Products (see definition above) in your package, we are required by law to ship your package "Adult Signature Required".  Considering that this $9.05 fee applies whether you buy two(2) bottles or ten(10) bottles, you can save by increasing your order and stocking up. 

When ordering from our website, in the CART and during CHECKOUT, you will see a message for FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $150.  Consider saving stocking up and saving the entire cost of shipping.  In addition, we have redesigned our rewards to give you FREE SHIPPING with NO MINIMUM amount for every 2500 Rewards points you accumulate (you will receive 1000 rewards for every $100 spent).  TIP: Add another 1000 points and save 20% off STOREWIDE (includes everything in our store, no minimum or maximum) - (Example: If you spend $150, you will save $30 (an even greater savings than free shipping) plus you will get 1500 additional rewards points).  

VAPOR TAXES - Do I have to pay?
Not all states impose vapor taxes, however, for those states that do, you will be charged the tax amount imposed by your state legislature. 

Why are ECBlend Taxes lower than my vapor store or other online stores?
As a manufacturer, there is no middleman or reseller in-between.  For those states that impose a vapor tax (example Oregon 65% of the wholesale cost), are charged at the rate we sell to our 'Top Tier Distributor and Wholesale' class of resellers.  For states that charge by the mL, (i.e. 0.05 per ml), we charge exactly what the law requires us to.  Some states charge only on liquid, others charge on everything in between.

Why does each product require me to choose my state?
With the new regulations related to the PACT Act, you may see an increase in taxes applied to your order. These taxes will depend on your shipping address and our system is set up to calculate these taxes for you based on the state you intend to ship to.  In order to not overcharge you on taxes and avoid problems with  your order, the SHIP TO state will 'GUIDE' you on if the product is accepted in your state.  If you are in a state that prohibits e-liquid, the system will advise you.  We have designed the system to 'remember' your state after you enter it once on a product.  If you wish to ship to another state (i.e. to a friend or family member, or a second home, etc), choose the state you will be shipping to.