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ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors
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Traditional Flavors

Full flavored and bodied tobacco flavors and blends.

Traditional ELiquid Flavors by ECBlend - True Tobacco Flavors without the TobaccoThere is NO TOBACCO in our full flavored and bodied tobacco FLAVORS and blends.  ECBlend's traditional flavors are the true actual flavor of the tobacco, not the burning of it.   (NICOTINE, when added, is consider as "derived from Tobacco" by the TCA and is regulated by the FDA. See our knowledgebase for more information on the FDA.)

Note:  There are no e-liquids that taste like a traditional tobacco cigarette.   In a traditional tobacco cigarette you are tasting the combustion (burning) of the tobacco.  The flavor of tobacco e-liquids is the true actual flavor of the tobacco, not the burning of it.

CLOSEST to a Real Cigarette : Red Box New and Dirty Ashtray are the closest that we offer to emulate the taste of the burning of the tobacco.  Please read the reviews on those products.

Tastes: Flavors will taste different from other suppliers,  so while you may not like Ry4 from one supplier, you may like the flavor mixed by another.   Please order our 5ml size to try before you order a larger size.  

Get Tobacco Magic™ Flavor Enhancer in our Supplies category - Designed by ECBlend to enchance ECBlend tobacco-flavored e-liquids.  Tobacco Magic™ helps smooth out the dry taste and remove some of the harsh bite from tobacco flavors. 


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  • Smooth Hit NicSalt by ECBlend
    $8.95 18mg-36mg SmoothHit NicSalt - E-Liquid Flavors - Order by Bottle Size Selector
    SmoothHit™ NicSalt®  Smoother, More Appealing Nicotine Hit - SATISFY THE CRAVING Many first time vapers (and often veteran vapers too) complain they don't get the same nicotine satisfaction as...
  • Inked Artisans Designer Showcase - First Edition - Dex Novak, Oblivion Art
    $15.95 60ml INKED ARTISANS - Showcase Designer Labels - Order by Bottle Size Selector
    ECBlend is proud to present the first edition of Inked Artisans Vapor - Introducing our new Designer Showcase Label    Exclusive Designs by Inked Artisans® - Our First Edition features a local artist...
  • 7 Leaf Tobacco Blend - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 7 Leaf Tobacco Blend - eLiquid Flavor
    Popular blend of 7 robust premium tobacco leaf flavors.  Strong and rich in flavor and aroma.   Our 7 Leaf Blend is one of our most popular blends.  It has been in our top 5 favored product since...
  • 7L Hopscotch Vape Juice
    $2.50 7L Hopscotch - eLiquid Flavor
    A delightful blend of Butterscotch, English Toffee, and our best selling 7 Leaf Tobacco blend...
  • 8 Leaf Tobacco Blend - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 8 Leaf Tobacco Blend - eLiquid Flavor
    A blend of 8 different tobacco leaf flavors mixed with a light blend of fruits.  Dry, Light, and subtly spicy.     This is a creation of ECBlend's Recipe Manager.     STEEPING Note: While 8...
  • Almond Vanilla Tobacco - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Almond Vanilla Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor
    The ideal marriage of leaf and flavoring.     Almond Vanilla Tobacco is blend of predominately mellow premium tobacco leaf flavor with the subtle sweetness of vanilla.     The background...
  • Almonillabacco E-Liquid at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Almonillabacco - eLiquid Flavor
    Almonillabacco - A smooth blend of almond, french vanilla, our premium traditional and a hint of brown sugar. 
  • Apple Tobacco Blend - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Apple Tobacco Blend - eLiquid Flavor
    An ECBlend special blend of our Premium Latakia Tobacco combined with Red and Green Apples.  A natural combination.  Oakwood smoked to produce an even, mellow smoke flavor, a lighter smoke flavor...
  • Arizona Sunset Vaping Juice
    $2.50 Arizona Sunset - eLiquid Flavor
    A blend of tobacco, rum, and a hint of cherry.  Makes for a nice soothing and mouth-watering vape experience. 
  • AZ Cowboy E-Liquid at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 AZ Cowboy - eLiquid Flavor
    AZ Cowboy  - Nice smooth Desert Gold, Keoke, and Red Hots... "nice smooth cinnamon flavor" (For BEST Results, Steep for at 1-2 weeks)...
  • Black Apple Vape E-Liquid at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Black Apple Vape - eLiquid Flavor
    Black Apple Vape - Virginia Tobacco mixed with  Apple and  Blackberry flavor   
  • Black Gold Vape Juice
    $2.50 Black Gold - eLiquid Flavor
    Sweet Black Cigar / Pipe tobacco flavor (main flavor) with a blend of whipped vanilla (light flavor).   STEEPING Note: Steep for up to 2 weeks after receiving (in a cool dark place, away from children), to allow...
  • Black Magic E Liquid
    $2.50 Black Magic - eLiquid Flavor
    Black Magic Tobacco consisting of a special blend of quality mild and flue-cured virginia tobaccos. Rich Black Honey flavor breathes life into an extraordinary vaping experience.  A soft sweet vape...
  • Blackberry Perique Tobacco Blend - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Blackberry Tobacco Blend - eLiquid Flavor
    Rich and dark Perique tobacco flavor with undertones of succulent blackberry flavors finished off with a slight sweetness...
  • Blackjack E-Liquid at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Blackjack - eLiquid Flavor
    A blend of traditional and cigar tobaccos: Red Box New, Cuban Gold, Sigaro Toscano, and Virginia.
  • Turkish Blue Box Vape Juice
    $2.50 Blue Box - eLiquid Flavor
    A tobacco Flavor blend that is similar your favorite turkish Blue box blend...
  • Bronco Buster
    $2.50 Bronco Buster - eLiquid Flavor
    Rich Black Honey flavor breathes life into quality mild and flue-cured virginia tobaccos.   An soft, sweet and extraordinary vaping experience...
  • Chocolate Delight Tobacco Blend - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Chocolate Delight Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor
    Chocolate Delight Tobacco -  Bold tobacco flavor, slightly sweet with chocolate undertones.     STEEPING Note: Steep for up to 2 weeks after receiving (in a cool dark place, away from children), to...
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Tobacco Blend - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Chocolate Hazelnut Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor
    Premium blend of fine tobacco with a hint of chocolate hazelnut flavoring.     A great compliment with your morning coffee...
  • Chocolate Vanilla 555
    $2.50 Chocolate Vanilla 555 - eLiquid Flavor
    A swirl of chocolate vanilla and a fresh nutty 555...
  • Cigarro Vigorosso Vape Juice
    $2.50 Cigarro Vigorosso - eLiquid Flavor
    For cigar lovers, a fuller bodied blend.  Spicy yet smooth with notes of espresso and cocoa.  Enjoy! The name is Spanish, meaning strong cigar.  Cigarro can mean cigar or cigarette.  Cigarro Vigoroso is...
  • Cinnabacco Vape Liquid
    $2.50 Cinnabacco - eLiquid Flavor
    Cinnabacco's Flavor more like a sweet and mild cinnamon tobacco compared to our regular cinnamon tobacco which is a more power packed cinnamon fireball Flavor...
  • Cinnamon Tobacco Flavor - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Cinnamon Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor
    Premium blends of tobacco with hot candy cinnamon flavor.    Looking for a more natural cinnamon flavor, try our Cinnabacco E-Liquid...
  • Clove Flavor Vape Juice
    $2.50 Clove - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   A pure Clove flavor.  Cloves pair well with apples, pears, cinnamon, black pepper, anise, and vanilla.  WARNING: THIS FLAVOR IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.  We recommend trying a 5mL...
  • Contradiction Vape Juice
    $2.50 Contradiction - eLiquid Flavor
    Full bodied tobacco flavor with floral undertones.  Soft and Intense, Mild and Harsh - Contrasting aftertaste.  It's a Contradiction of flavor!    STEEPING Note: Steep for up to 2 weeks after receiving...
  • Cuban Delight
    $2.50 Cuban Delight - eLiquid Flavor
    A cigar flavor blended with cake batter, dulce de leche, and a touch of french vanilla.  Smooth, a bit sweet and creamy...
  • Cuban Gold Cigar Vape Juice
    $2.50 Cuban Gold - eLiquid Flavor
    Most people won't have the opportunity to experience a true cuban cigar.  You can cross it off your bucket list by trying this flavor!     Make it an exotic flavored cigar with Exotic Cigar Shots ...
  • Cuban Sunset
    $2.50 Cuban Sunset - eLiquid Flavor
    The nutty flavor of 555 and the rich aroma of Cuban Gold infused with a hint of cherry for a classic, hand-rolled taste. 
  • Cuban Wafer Tobacco Vape Liquid
    $2.50 Cuban Wafer - eLiquid Flavor
    A sweet and rich Cuban cigar tobacco flavor infused with cake like vanilla and notes of sweet graham cracker.  A taste that can only be described as "Amazing!"  
  • Darkness Tobacco Vape Liquid
    $2.50 Darkness - eLiquid Flavor
    A full and dark robust tobacco with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee STEEPING Note: Steep for up to 2 weeks after receiving (in a cool dark place, away from children), to allow the flavors to marry fully and...
  • Desert Gold
    $2.50 Desert Gold - eLiquid Flavor
    A premium blend of fine Turkish Tobacco.  The flavor of this blend is sun-cured, aromatic and like flue-cured tobacco. ...
  • Desert Leaf
    $2.50 Desert Leaf - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor  A blend of our Desert Gold and 7 Leaf Tobacco Blend recipes creating a unique blend of Turkish and Traditional tobacco flavors.   This blend was suggested by many ECBlend customers...
  • Dirty Ashtray
    $2.50 Dirty Ashtray - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Dirty Ashtray.  A blend of 8 tobacco varieties with a hint of a Real Analog.  The flavor is very realistic to the flavor of a burning cigarette, very similar to the taste of a relit...
  • 555 Tobacco Blend - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 DK 555 Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor
    Fine premium tobacco with a hint of nuttiness and a lingering sweetness.   Reminiscent to a Nutty 555 tobacco...
  • Dragon's Leaf: Light and Creamy Blueberry Tobacco - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Dragon's Leaf - eLiquid Flavor
    Beyond Creamy™   Light and Creamy Blueberry Tobacco.     Harmonious blend, sweet with the lushness of blueberries and counter-balanced with rich Dragon Cream®     Oh! So...
  • Dude Vape
    $2.50 Dude Vape - eLiquid Flavor
    A smooth tobacco blend with strong vanilla presence and light toasted almond finish. To get the full complex flavor of this dudes vape, a dripper and high wattage device is...
  • Duke Blend
    $2.50 Duke Blend - eLiquid Flavor
    A nice selection of different types of flavors from different ECBlend tobacco flavors, blended for aroma, taste and character.   Slightly nutty with turkish notes.  Created and Named by ECBlend...
  • English Toffee Tobacco
    $2.50 English Toffee Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor
    A rich tobacco flavor with notes of english toffee, hints of caramel and vanilla.  A sweet and satisfying blend of flavors that keep you coming back for more.     STEEPING Note: Steep for up to 2 weeks...
  • Flue Cured Virginia Tobacco
    $2.50 Flue-Cured Virginia Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor
    Flue-Cured Virginia Tobacco - a wonderful smooth smoke with a  great robust flavor.       Make it your own flavor with Exotic Flavor Shots  (additional charge for 2nd...
  • Fresh Pack
    $2.50 Fresh Pack - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Strong realistic FRESH PACK.  Tastes like the smell of a freshly opened pack.   Try a smaller size before ordering this in larger sizes. You have been warned.     ...

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