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  E-Liquid Flavors
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ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors
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Drink Flavors

Inhale some of your favorite satisfying drinks

  • ECBlend Wizard - Coffee Your Way
    $2.50 01 Coffee Your Way - eLiquid Flavor
    Coffee Your Way! E-Liquid by ECBlend   Enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee made just the way you like it.   Select the options you like to add cream (in the flavor list), sweetener, then make it Your Way with...
  • Create Your Own Malt Wizard
    $2.50 01 Create Your Own Malt
    Create your own Malt - A Scoop of this, a Scoop of that...    Starting with ECBlend's Malt recipe, choose up to 3 flavors to include in your custom malt creation!  Make it your own: RECIPE OPTIONS...
  • Soda Fountain E-Juice at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 01 Soda Fountain
    ECBlend's Soda Fountain E-Liquid Wizard   Experimenting with soda can be fun!  Enjoy your favorite soda drink as is or mix, blend, Create Your Own Flavor combination. There is an endless list of blends and...
  • Inked Artisans Designer Showcase - First Edition - Dex Novak, Oblivion Art
    $15.95 60ml INKED ARTISANS - Showcase Designer Labels - Order by Bottle Size Selector
    ECBlend is proud to present the first edition of Inked Artisans Vapor - Introducing our new Designer Showcase Label    Exclusive Designs by Inked Artisans® - Our First Edition features a local artist...
  • Apple Cider at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Apple Cider - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Spiced Apple Cider.  Apples, apples, and apples! Unmistakable flavor and aroma of sparkling cider, with just a suggestion of booze.  Another ECBlend original, this E-liquid is Spot On!...
  • Atomic Bull at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Atomic Bull - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor Just like the energy drinks with added cinnamon fireball flavor added to it   ** Does NOT contain...
  • Bahama Mama E-Juice at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Bahama Mama - eLiquid Flavor
    The Bahama Mama is a fruity cocktail with the smooth flavor of Mango, Pineapple, Piña Colada, Orange and Rum! A drink that will whisk you away to a tropical resort in one sip!    SWEETENER:...
  • Baja Blast at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Baja Blast - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Baja Blast - ECBlend's Dew blend with Tropical Punch and Vanilla...
  • Buttered Keoke Rum Coffee
    $2.50 Buttered Keoke Rum Coffee - eLiquid Flavor
    Coffee Liqueur mixed with butter rum and english toffee making for a great all day vape...
  • Caramel Cappuccino
    $2.50 Caramel Cappuccino - eLiquid Flavor
    Sweet Cream, Rich Espresso, Bold Flavor.  Decadent combination of rich coffee, sweet cream and buttery caramel flavors.     Be your own barista: RECIPE OPTIONS   Sweetened Cappuccino is very...
  • Caramel Macchiato at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Caramel Macchiato - eLiquid Flavor
    Freshly steamed milk with vanilla, marked with espresso and finished with caramel sauce, all in a vapor!   Make it your own: RECIPE OPTIONS Warning: Sweetening is very subjective!   Enhanced will give it a...
  • Chocolate Malt by ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Chocolate Malt - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   ECBlend's Original Chocolate...
  • Cola Vape
    $2.50 Cola - eLiquid Flavor
    Cola is a refreshing E-Liquid flavor for soda lovers.  You can almost taste the bubbles!
  • Vanilla Cola
    $2.50 Cola with Vanilla - eLiquid Flavor
    Classic cola taste with a hint of creamy vanilla.  Cola with Vanilla is a truly refreshing flavor!
  • Crazy Citrus Cooler by ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Crazy Citrus Cooler - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Crazy Citrus Cooler - The perfect fusion of Orange, Tangerine, and Lemonade.  Sweet, but not too sweet.  ECBlend's version is based on the Hi-C Ecto Cooler® flavor drink of the...
  • Dragon's Milk - Horchata Flavor
    $2.50 Dragon's Milk - eLiquid Flavor
    Beyond Creamy™  Rich And Creamy, Authentic Tasting, Refreshing Horchata Vape     The Milky Rice and Cinnamon flavor is bold and unmistakable in every vape     Oh! So...
  • Eggnog by ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Eggnog - eLiquid Flavor
    Everyone loves Eggnog.  A special treat for the holiday. (This one is so popular, we decided to keep it year-round) Start with ECBlend's Eggnog made with sweet cream, nutmeg, sugar (sweetener) and spices for...
  • Espresso Shot Vape Juice
    $2.50 Espresso Shot - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Espresso Shot.  No extra flavor is Regular flavor. A single serving of Espresso and is called a "shot".  Extra Flavor is equivalent to a double shot of Espresso and is...
  • Flaming Peach by ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Flaming Peach - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   A nice sweet peach Flavor with a dash of flaming hot cinnamon...
  • Fruit Smoothie E-Juice at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Fruit Smoothie - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   A refreshing fruit smoothie made with banana, strawberry, orange, and...
  • Irish Cream
    $2.50 Irish Cream - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor The delightful flavor of Irish Cream is intermingled in a deliciously rich flavor experience.   Enjoy warm Irish magic in every creamy sip...
  • Pink Lemonade
    $2.50 Pink Lemonade - eLiquid Flavor
    A refreshing lemonade blended with strawberry and raspberry.  Not too sweet and not too tangy...
  • Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino.  A special treat for the holidays. Add the taste and aroma of pumpkin pie and spice to your coffee...
  • Red Energy by ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Red Energy - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   A replication of the popular energy drink.  Ours won't give you wings, but it tastes like the real thing...
  • Root Beer
    $2.50 Root Beer - eLiquid Flavor
    Classic Root Beer taste with none of the calories or guilt!  Our Root Beer E-Juice is perfect for soda lovers!
  • Shirley Temple ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Shirley Temple - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   A Shirley Temple is a non-alcoholic mixed drink traditionally made with ginger ale, a splash of grenadine and garnished with a maraschino cherry. Interesting Fact:  Shirley Temple was not a...
  • Spiked Punch by ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Spiked Punch - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Spiked Punch is a tropical punch packed with a bonanza of fruity flavors and spiked with RUM*!   (*There is no real rum in any of our liquids. Rum is a flavoring.)...
  • Strawberry Malt by ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Strawberry Malt - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Imagine vaping a freshly blended strawberry malt from your neighborhood malt...
  • Strawberry Milk by ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Strawberry Milk - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Strawberry Milk is sweet, pink-tasting*, delicious and creamy!  An old-fashioned treat with none of the guilt!    (*E-Liquid is not pink! There are no dyes or artificial colors...
  • StrazzMaTazz
    $2.50 StrazzMaTazz - eLiquid Flavor
    'Like sipping a tall glass of fresh strawberry raspberry lemonade on a hot summer's day! The strawberry makes it sweet, and the raspberry lemonade gives it just the slightest bit of sour. Might be interesting with a hit...
  • Summer Splash
    $2.50 Summer Splash - eLiquid Flavor
    The Dew twisted with Tropical Punch, Strawberry-Kiwi, and Pineapple.
  • The Dew
    $2.50 The Dew - eLiquid Flavor
    The Dew is a sweet and citrus-flavored E-Liquid that is amazingly refreshing!
  • The Doctor E-Liquid at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 The Doctor - eLiquid Flavor
    No deposit required! The Doctor is in with this classic soda taste that everyone knows and loves.     If you're not quite feeling yourself, maybe it's time to pay the Doctor a visit and enjoy this perfect E-Juice...
  • Tropical Punch at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Tropical Punch - eLiquid Flavor
    A cold and relaxing sip of Tropical Punch, a familiar 'red' flavor without any coloring.  Reminiscent of your childhood favorite powdered packet drink mix.  
  • Tropical Twist
    $2.50 Tropical Twist - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Tropical Twist, a blend of sweet coconut, ripe kiwi, pineapple, and mango flavors.   Make your twist into a cocktail!  Add a flavor shot of Rum or Tequila flavor...
  • Vanilla Cola E-Juice by ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Vanilla Cola - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   A classic soda fountain favorite.  Cola with a shot of vanilla to top it off...
  • Vanilla Malt by ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Vanilla Malt - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   Imagine vaping a freshly blended vanilla malt from your neighborhood malt shop  (Without the cherry!)     Due to popular request, we have added 250ml sizes to this product...

ECBlend NO UNDER 18 POLICY No Under 18 Policy and LEGAL NOTICE: The minimum age to purchase E-Liquid and other VAPOR products is at least 18 (or the legal age in your state, country or locality if greater than 18). WHERE REQUIRED BY STATE LAW: ECBlend uses third-party verification services to confirm your age where required by law. By ordering from ECBlend, you authorize us to perform our legally required responsibilities. Where required by law, you must use a debit or credit card issued in your own name. You are also required to provide an electronic certification at the time of sign-up and ordering that declares you are at least the minimum age required for the legal sale of a vapor product (ENDS) in your state, country or locality.


E-Liquid with Nicotine Prop 65 Warning:

CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


E-Liquid with Nicotine FDA Warning:

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical and is a poison.


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Due to personal tastes and preferences we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for e-liquid products.
We highly recommend purchasing a small sample to find out if it is good for your personal tastes.
All e liquid images on this website are for flavor reference only. Flavors are liquid.

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