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Batteries - Chargers

  • Micro USB Charging Cable at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Accessory - ECBlend - Micro USB Charging Cable
    Accessory - ECBlend - Micro USB Cable - 2 Feet  Ideal for charging your vaporizer, as well as a handful of other electronic devices, this Micro USB cable features a USB A male plug on one end, and a USB micro...

  • ECBlend USB Wall Adapater
    $1.50 Accessory - ECBlend - USB Wall Adapter
    USB Wall Adapter   Compatible with any standard USB cable to charge personal vaporizer battery.  Fits standard US AC power outlets.  5v 500mAh output   USB charging cable not included...

  • 510 USB Battery Charger at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Charger - 510 USB Battery Charger - 420mah
    Charger - 510 USB Battery Charger - 420mah    420mah USB Charger with Cable for 510 threaded batteries.     NOTE: On some batteries during charging, the light may occasionally flicker green. This is...

  • Nitecore I4 Intellicharger 4 Bay Charger
    $18.95 Charger - Nitecore - I4 Intellicharger - 4 Battery
    This highly anticipated upgrade to Nitecore's popular I4 battery charger comes with 100% faster-charging speeds up to 1500mAh, expanded battery support for 3.7 and 4.35v batteries plus an improved display.   The...

  • Nitecore Sysmax UM10 Charger at ECBlend Flavors
    $9.95 Charger - Nitecore - Sysmax UM10 - Single Battery
    The Nitecore UM10 charger was designed with vapers in mind.  Designed with safety in mind and fire retardant/flame resistant materials.  Includes external USB port for charging various devices...

  • Nitecore Sysmax I2 Intellicharger at ECBlend Flavors
    $15.95 Charger - Nitecore - I2 Intellicharger - 2 Battery
    One of the most popular battery chargers due to its versatility, the NiteCore Sysmax I2 Intellicharger is a universal, smart-charging unit compatible with all types of rechargeable batteries. The I2 Intellicharger...