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Clearomizers and Cartridges

Clearomizers and Cartridges


Clearomizers and Cartridges

ECBlend Clearomizer Category

Clearomizers utilize a wicking system to bring our E-liquid to the heating coil and have a clear plastic or glass tank that allows you to see the level of E-liquid at all times and refill them when it gets too low.  

Clear tank + Atomizer = Clearomizer.  

Knowing how much E-Liquid is left in the clearomizer is important. 

Running low or running out will produce a burnt taste and dry hits.  Be sure to keep your tank filled with your favorite flavor.  

Easy to clean and maintain.  Clearomizers are larger than a cartomizer and have a higher liquid capacity, and have replacement coils making them reusable.   

Note: Most newer clearomizers are now sub-ohm (having a resistance below 1 ohm) and are designed to work best with Max VG (Reduced PG) base mix.  Older clearomizers are generally non-sub ohm (having a resistance above 1 ohm) and designed to be used with a base mix containing a higher percentage of PG.  

Please be sure you are ordering the correct part for your device.  If you are unsure of which replacement head is compatible with your clearomizer, we provide links in our clearomizer descriptions to the proper replacement heads for each device.  If still unsure, 

RESISTANCES: Click here for recommendations on RESISTANCES (Ohms) that will work properly on your device.