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Supplies and additives 

Unless otherwise noted, discount coupons do not apply to products in this category. 

  • Blunt Needle Tip Cap
    $0.65 Blunt Tip Needle Cap
    Needle tip cap with BLUNT Steel Needle.  Allows for easy refilling of E-liquid in your cartridges, clearomizers, cartomizers, and tanks.  These fit all standard ECBlend...

  • Blunt Tip Needles (Extra Needles) (BTN)
    $0.65 Blunt Tip Needles (Extra Needles)
    Blunt dispensing tips allow for precise measurement and transfer of thin and thick liquids  NOTE: These are EXTRA dispensing tips and do not come with syringes.  Order these if you require additional tips...

  • Blunt Tip Needles (Extra Needles)
    $1.35 Blunt Tip Syringes
    Blunt Tip Syringes   These 6mL syringes are medical grade and will last.  Bold graduations marks at every 0.2mL and each milliliter (Sterile and Latex free)  Each Syringe includes a single 16 gauge Blunt Tip...

  • Wide Bore Friend Tip - Disposable Sanitary Drip Tip
    $0.50 Drip Tip - ECBlend - Wide Bore Sharing Tip - Disposable
    Share your device with your family, friends, and customers safely.  Simply slide over existing drip tip and use as normal.   Disposable or Reusable, Individually packaged in food-grade polybags. Made...

  • ECBlend Flavor Menu
    $0.00 ECBlend Flavor Menu and Referral Cards
    ECBlend Flavor Menu Additional Menu Brochures to give to your friends and family.  We often receive requests by email for more brochures and cards.  Now you can add them to your order anytime.  Shipping is...

  • ECBlend E Liquid Sweetener
    $5.50 ECBlend Sweetener (PG Base)
    Now you can add the sweetener you desire, you control the amount!  DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Add one drop per 5mL E-Juice.  Adjust for taste. ECBlend Sweetener is 100% water-soluble and contains: Propylene Glycol...

  • ECBlend Sweetener for Vaping
    $5.50 ECBlend Sweetener (VG Base)
    Now you can add the sweetener you desire, you control the amount!  (Note: Unless otherwise noted, e-liquid discounts do not apply to this product) DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Add one drop per 5mL E-Liquid. Adjust for...

  • Empty Bottles by ECBlend
    $0.20 Empty Bottles - All Styles - All sizes
    Empty Bottles - Choose between Glass, PET, LDPE or HDPE Plastic   GCC Compliant with Child Resistant Caps  CLICK ON IMAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION Image (Click)SizeTypeBottle ColorCap ColorInsertGCC...

  • FlavorArtists Concentrated Liquid Sweetener - Sucralose
    $3.15 FlavorArtists - Liquid Sweetener - Sucralose
    Flavor Artists® - Concentrated Liquid Sweetener - Sucralose   Zero fat, zero calories, zero carbs.  May be used as a sugar replacement for any baked goods, drinks, cooking, coffee, flavored water,...

  • Pure Propylene Glycol
    $3.95 Propylene Glycol
    Propylene Glycol (PG) is a clear, colorless liquid with the consistency of syrup.  It is practically odorless and tasteless.   PG is the perfect flavor carrier for all of your custom blends.  We use...

  • Replacement straps for the E-Liquid Shaker by ECBlend
    $1.99 Replacement Straps for E-Liquid Shaker
    REPLACEMENT STRAPS for the E-Liquid Shaker by ECBlend  For use with ECBlend bottle sizes 5ml through 50ml...

  • The Bitter Truth E-Liquid Additive by ECBlend
    $8.50 The Bitter Truth - Anti Sweet
    The Bitter Truth - Anti Sweet for E-Liquid  Reduce the natural sweetness of the PG and VG in e-liquids.  Although mainly used and recommended for tobaccos, this may be used to lessen the sweetness of other...

  • ECBlend E-Liquid Tobacco Magic™ Flavor Enhancer
    $8.50 Tobacco Magic Flavor Enhancer
    ECBlend Tobacco Magic™  Designed by ECBlend to enhance ECBlend tobacco-flavored e-liquids.  Tobacco Magic™ helps smooth out the dry taste and remove some of the harsh bite from tobacco...

  • Transfer Pipette
    $0.35 Transfer Pipettes - Graduated
    7 ml Transfer Pipettes Suitable for e-liquid.  7 ml capacity. Graduated to 3ml, 23 drops/ml. Non-sterile. Globe Scientific plastic transfer pipettes for liquid handling.  Produced from a custom grade of...

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
    $3.95 Vegetable Glycerin
    Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Kosher, USP certified.  No Soy.   Our VG is 99.7% (with the remaining 0.3% being water) food-grade palm-derived Vegetable Glycerin (VG). There are no animal by-products in...

  • Yorker Spout for 125mL - 500mL ECBlend bottles
    $0.50 Yorker Spout for 125mL-500mL Bottles
    Yorker Spout - for 125mL-500mL Bottles   Twist to open, Twist back to close.   A versatile spout for larger bottle sizes.  Easily dispense into smaller bottles, or use it to drip directly onto coils...