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Deals - Clearomizers

  • Horizon Krixus Rebuildable Tank at ECBlend Flavors
    $25.95 $6.95 Clearomizer - Horizon - Krixus Rebuildable Tank - Ceramic Coil
    Introducing the newest and latest product from Horizon Tech, the Krixus Rebuildable Ceramic Tank!  Featuring a new type of coil, this new tank uses Tungsten wire, which allows for a reusable and durable ceramic coil...
  • Clearomizer - Horizon - Ultima Tank at ECBlend Flavors
    $22.95 $9.95 Clearomizer - Horizon - Ultima Tank
    ​​The Horizon Ultima Sub-Ohm tank introduces a new, highly effective, airflow circulating system that employs an offset coil design in that allows airflow to travel through the first coil then through the final second coil...
  • Clearomizer - Innokin - iClear16BDC - Bottom Dual Coil at ECBlend
    $4.95 $0.95 Clearomizer - Innokin - iClear16BDC - Dual Coil
    The iClear16BDC features replaceable bottom dual coil heads.  The benefits of a bottom dual coil is that the wicks are always submerged in E-Liquid, lowering the possibility of the burnt taste.  Has a 1...
  • Kanger MT3S Bottom Coil Clearomizer
    $5.50 $3.95 Clearomizer - Kanger MT3S - PC
    The Kanger MT3S is a bottom coil clearomizer.  The wick and coil are always submerged in your E-Liquid to always insure they are properly saturated.   Quick Links:    Clearomizer Replacement...
  • Smoktech FBC Clearomizer
    $7.95 $2.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - FBC - Pyrex
    The Smoktech FBC Clearomizers have the same great performance and look of the Aro Tank, but with a screw-on cap.  Discreetly put it in a shirt pocket and no one will suspect it's an e-cig! Perfect for the...
  • Smoktech Leader Pyrex 3mL Clearomizer
    $5.95 $1.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - Leader Pyrex 3mL BC
    The Smoktech Leader BC Tank with a 3mL E-liquid capacity and replaceable bottom coil atomizer head.  Inner pyrex glass tube with a protective outer polycarbonate tube.  The replacement coil is cross compatible with...
  • Smoktech Leader Pyrex 6mL Clearomizer
    $6.95 $2.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - Leader Pyrex 6mL BC
    Clearomizer - SmokTech - Leader BC 510 (empty)  - Pyrex 6ml   LINK > Replacement Head Coils > Clearomizer Replacement Head - SmokTech - Tumbler/Trophy/Aro The Smoktech Leader BC Tank with a 6ml...
  • Clearomizer - SmokTech - T-Dux 3.0 at ECBlend ELiquid Flavors
    $6.95 $3.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - T-Dux 3.0
    Featuring a redesigned dual coil that rests in a ceramic cup and now with increased juice flow for even better wicking to help avoid dry hits.       Utilizing eGo threadings helps the clearomizer sit...
  • Smoktech TFV12 Cloud Beast Prince Clearomizer
    $9,000,034.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - TFV12 - Cloud Beast Prince
    The new Smoktech TFV12 Prince Tank, the baby of the TFV12 Cloud Beast, is designed to be an all-around sub ohm tank for daily users.  A newly designed crown body with a convex glass tank effectively increasing the...
  • TFV8 Baby Beast at ECBlend Flavors
    $21.95 $12.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - TFV8 - Baby Beast
    Built with high performance in mind, the SmokTech TFV8 Baby Beast Tank brings the amazing performance of the TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank into a smaller package.  This upgrade creates a well balanced and dynamic range with a...
  • Clearomizer - SmokTech - TFV8 - Cloud Beast
    $39.95 $19.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - TFV8 - Cloud Beast
    The Smoktech TFV8 is the ultimate sub-ohm atomizer.  The TFV8 utilizes 4 unique, patented Turbo Engines: V8-T8 (6.6T), V8-T6 (6.0T), V8-Q4 (5.0T), and the V8 RBA (4.0T-X), adjustable dual bottom airflow, and a...
  • SmokTech X2 Giant Nova Kit
    $5.95 $0.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - X2 Giant Nova Kit - Dual Coil - 510 - PC
    Link to Replacement Coils: Clearomizer Replacement Head - SmokTech - X2 Nova Filling Instructions: Remove Drip Tip and upper cap, drain tube and rinse clean. Remove bottom cap       ...
  • SmokTech X2 Mini Nova
    $5.95 $0.95 Clearomizer - SmokTech - X2 Mini Nova Kit - Dual Coil - 510 - PC
    This set includes 1 SmokTech X2 Mini Nova tank, drip tip and two 1.5ohm dual coil replacement head.   Available Only in color(s) shown as a selectable color option.    Link to Replacement...
  • Tobeco Super Tank Mini at ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors
    $17.95 $7.15 Clearomizer - Tobeco - Super Tank Mini - Authentic
    The Super Tank Mini is constructed from Pyrex glass and holds up to 4mL's of ELiquid.  Constructed of high quality stainless steel and aluminum with a Pyrex glass tank.  A friction fit drip tip with a...
  • Uwell - Crown II Clearomizer Tank
    $35.95 $12.95 Clearomizer - Uwell - Crown II Tank - 5mL
    The Crown Sub-Ohm Tank II by Uwell is the new and improved version of the popular Uwell Crown. The Uwell Crown II features a leak resistant top fill design, while the improved chimney design...
  • Vision 510 Mini Nova Clearomizer
    $5.95 $0.95 Clearomizer - Vision - 510 Mini Nova
    Clearomizer - Vision - 510 Mini Nova  This set includes 1 Vision Vivi Nova tank, drip tip and includes one replacement head in the following resistances: 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8 ohms  Instructions: Remove Drip Tip...