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Oregon - PreOrder Online - Pickup in store

Place your pre-order online for pick up in store

1.  Place a pre-order ECBlend or Flavor Vapor online for pickup and pay at a store near you.  

2.  Alternatively, you can ship to another state.  

 Oregon House Bill 2261 (HB2261) takes effect on January 1, 2022


HB2261 legislation prohibits the shipment of “inhalant delivery systems” (Vapor products/ENDS productgs) to any person in Oregon other than a distributor or a retailer.

A retailer may not sell cigarettes, inhalant delivery systems, or smokeless tobacco products unless the retailer or an employee of the retailer makes the sale to the purchaser in person as part of a face-to-face exchange.  (This legislation does not apply to resellers or distributors)



Customers may pre-order products online for pickup  in-store.  If we do not have a local pickup location near you, please contact customer service via or by clicking on CHAT in the bottom right corner of our website.




What products are affected

"Inhalent Delivery Systems" means Vapor products (aka ENDS "Electronic Nicotine Delivery System")

Includes:  E-cigarettes, E-Liquid, Vapor Accessories and Parts such as coils, tanks, etc.




Legislation in effect January 1, 2022

We will accept orders online for pickup in retail stores.



All custom orders placed in-store receive free shipping to the store!

The store will contact you by phone as soon as your order is available for pickup



Help! I don’t have an affiliate store near me.

Use our Online Ticket system or  Live Online Chat for assistance to find a reseller near you!