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Tobacco Free E-Liquids (TFE®)

Tobacco Free E-Liquid
✔ Our Tobacco Free E-Liquids come in both regular (freebase) and NicSalt options, and creates the same type of nicotine sensation and quality of throat hit that vapers are used to.


Why choose Tobacco Free E-Liquid? (TFE®)

Tobacco Free Eliquid Tobacco Free Eliquid Tobacco-free. No tobacco leaf, stem, waste
or by-products in any of our ingredients

Tobacco Free Nicotine

Same level of satisfaction as tobacco nicotine 
✔ With TFN, there is no need to mask the off-flavor and aroma of tobacco-based nicotine 

Tobacco-free nicotine is tasteless and odorless, allowing for the best flavor of your e-Liquid 

Manufactured with certified ingredients of the highest pharmaceutical quality 

Meets USP grade requirements 

Full traceability on every batch of tobacco-free nicotine 

Tobacco Free E-Liquids are the next big step for the vapor industry. Just as we've transitioned from cig-a-likes to advanced vape mods, innovation never stops.

TFE® is made for adult recreational use and should not be blended with tobacco derived flavors or extracts, or be used with components of a tobacco product, or devices that are designed exclusively for the consumption of a tobacco product.

Manufactured using Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN®)
The patented manufacturing process is a multi-step sequence of chemical reactions beginning with a natural starter material that is then molecularly adjusted to produce a pure and clean synthetic nicotine.

The starting materials and reaction accelerators used in the multi-step chemical transformations are not derived from tobacco, nor involve the use of any tobacco component materials. The nicotine made using this patented process is called TFN® Nicotine.

TFN is a unique product, as it is highly purified to ensure greater than 99.5% USP and EP standards. Also importantly, TFN brand nicotine, since it is completely synthetic, does not contain any of the residual compounds typically found as contaminants in tobacco-derived nicotine. The final product, TFN® Nicotine is a non-colored, essentially odorless, non-viscous, high-clarity liquid.
TFN® is a registered trademark of Next Generation Labs LLC