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ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors
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FlavorTudes® Flavor Shots

TRY ALL 12 FlavorTude Flavors - Now YOU control your FLAVOR SHOTS!  

FlavorTudes Flavor Shots

FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots!  

YOU decide your flavor shots!  12 FlavorTudes® Flavors Shots to choose from!  

Squeeze a little! Not a lot!

You decide your Flavor Shot!  




  • FlavorTudes® - E-Liquid Flavor Enhancer - 12 Pack Sampler
    $54.00 FlavorTudes - 12 Pack SAMPLER - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots!   12 Pack Sampler!  1 of each flavor!      Why not grab a 12 pack sampler and try them all?  Share with friends or mix and match to your...

  • FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots! - Old Fashioned Caramel
    $4.95 FlavorTudes - Caramel - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - Old Fashioned Caramel - Flavor Shots!   Old Fashioned Caramel Taste! Creamy unique and sweet.   PAIRS WELL WITH:  Caramel is one of the most popular flavors in the U.S...

  • FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots! - Cheesecake
    $4.95 FlavorTudes - Cheesecake - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - Cheesecake - Flavor Shots!  The sweet and creamy indulgent taste of classic cheesecake.   PAIRS WELL WITH:  No-bake, classic Cheesecake Flavor Shots provides a smooth creamy...

  • FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots! - Cinnamon Fireball
    $4.95 FlavorTudes - Cinnamon Fireball - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - Cinnamon Fireball - Flavor Shots!  A sweet yet explosive taste of hot cinnamon.  PAIRS WELL WITH:  Hot spicy cinnamon like the candy.  Goes well with chocolate, banana,...

  • FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots! - Cool Hit®
    $4.95 FlavorTudes - Cool Hit - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - Cool Hit® - Flavor Shots!   The cooling sensation of mint or menthol WITHOUT the minty taste!   PAIRS WELL WITH:  This "flavor" shot has no odor or taste and is...

  • FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots! - French Vanilla
    $4.95 FlavorTudes - French Vanilla - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - French Vanilla - Flavor Shots!   ooh la la, it's French Vanilla.  French Vanilla is a richer, deeper and more decadent flavor than is found in plain vanilla.   PAIRS WELL...

  • FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots! - Fresh Cream
    $4.95 FlavorTudes - Fresh Cream - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - Fresh Cream - Flavor Shots!  Smooth and Creamy Fresh Cream.   PAIRS WELL WITH:  Cream goes well with anything you like cream with. Goes well with cupcake, whiskey, Irish Creme,...

  • FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots! - Hazelnut
    $4.95 FlavorTudes - Hazelnut - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - Hazelnut - Flavor Shots!   Rich and delicious nutty flavor of Hazelnuts.     PAIRS WELL WITH:  Hazelnut leaves a delicious aftertaste and combines well with many...

  • FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots! - Peppermint
    $4.95 FlavorTudes - Peppermint - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - Peppermint - Flavor Shots!  Fresh, minty, tingly flavor of Peppermint will invigorate your senses. Cool and Refreshing.   Add Peppermint for that extra kick of refreshing flavor...

  • FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots! - Raspberry
    $4.95 FlavorTudes - Raspberry - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - Raspberry - Flavor Shots!  Enjoy sweet and delicious wild raspberry flavor with all your liquid favorites. Start enjoying the flavor of fresh picked raspberries today! PAIRS WELL WITH:...

  • FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots! - Strawberry
    $4.95 FlavorTudes - Strawberry - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - Strawberry - Flavor Shots!  The sweet and fresh taste of biting into a home grown strawberries. This mouth-watering strawberry flavor is refreshing and will remind you of summer time...

  • FlavorTudes® - E-Liquid Flavor Enhancer - Sweetener
    $3.15 FlavorTudes - Sweetener - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - Sweetener - Flavor Shots!     You control the amount of sweetener in your liquids! The same great sweetener ingredients as ECBlend's Sweetener. Special formula designed for...

  • FlavorTudes® - Flavor Shots! - White Peach
    $4.95 FlavorTudes - White Peach - Flavor Shots
    FlavorTudes® - White Peach - Flavor Shots!  White Peach is a richly luxurious, beautiful fruit, dripping with juice.  They are one of nature's great sensual delights. Take a moment to...

  • FlavorTudes® - E-Liquid Flavor Enhancer - Pick Your Own Flavor
    $4.95 FlavorTudes Flavor Shots - Pick Your Own Flavors
    FlavorTudes® - Pick Your Own Flavor - Flavor Shots   YOU decide your flavor shots!   12 Flavor Shots to choose from!     Caramel FlavorTudes® - Old Fashioned Caramel -...