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Vapor Taxes - WI

Wisconsin - Excise Tax: 

Subject to Tax (ECBlend does not sell these products online, therefore there are no taxes on products we sell to Wisconsin consumers)

  • When containing e-liquid: Pods, cartridges, disposables (we do not sell these prefilled with liquid)

Not Subject to Tax

  • Bottles of E-Liquid and
  • Hardware devices, components, parts and accessories are not taxed unless they contain prefilled e-liquid.  (We do not sell these online prefilled)

Summary:  The nicotine products tax imposed in Wisconsin does not apply to any of the products we sell online.

Information is current as of:  June 08, 2021  If you are aware of a change or error in this information, please write to


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The Wisconsin Department of Revenue released guidance on its interpretation and application of the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision concluding that the vapor product definition does not include changes made by Governor Evers as part of his partial veto.

The Department of Revenue's interpretation is that the vapor products tax will NOT apply to liquids that are sold separately. The Department has made clear though that the vapor products tax does apply to pods, cartridges, disposables that contain liquid. These products are subject to the $.05 per mL tax""

  • Taxable Liquid type = nicotine and non-nicotine pods, carts and disposables that contain liquid.
    • E-liquid sold separately is NOT subject to tax.
  • Devices and components containing e-liquid