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Shelf Life of E-Liquids


ECBlend E-Liquid starts FRESH! 

Every bottle of ECBlend E-Liquid is dated with its creation date.  As nearly all e-liquids we carry have custom options to blend the way you like it, we create your e-liquid at the time you order it.  You do not need to worry that it has been sitting in a warehouse for 6 months before shipping to you.  [In fact, it is so fresh when you receive it, most of our e-liquids will benefit greatly from steeping   Some flavors, like our Popular n Creme Signature Series have flavoring recipes pre-blended, however, they are not blended into e-liquid until the time of your order. 


Some companies state 2 years, however as there is no real confirmed data on it available yet.  ECBlend recommends 12-18 months from the creation date. (All ECBlend bottles have the month and year created.)  (Some vendors state 2 years from the date it is opened, however, there is no scientific data on this.)


Store with the cap tightened out of direct light and do not expose to sunlight (light degrades nicotine).  Store in a cool dark place.  ALWAYS KEEP E-LIQUID OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.

Refrigeration will hinder (slow down) the steeping process. If you choose to refrigerate, it will thicken. Warm it in your hands to room temperature before vaping.

Freezing: There are some theories that state e-liquid stays fresh while frozen and may be stored indefinitely, however, there are no scientific studies that we are aware of to support this data or whether freezing over extended periods affects e-liquid in negative or positive ways. 


Flavors blend and marry fully over time, so you will have a richer, deeper, more flavorful product after a few weeks of steeping. This is especially true of tobacco flavors and larger bottle sizes.  This is also generally true for all e-liquid.  At ECBlend we make each bottle custom to your order (we have too many options and products to store premade with the options), usually you will receive the product within 3-5 days of creation.  Let them sit a week before vaping and you will find yourself with some very flavorful e-liquid.   As stated above, ECBlend creates your e-liquid fresh at the time you create it. E-Liquids benefit greatly from steeping.