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Traditional Flavors

Full flavored and bodied tobacco flavors and blends.

Note:  There are no e-liquids that taste like a traditional tobacco cigarette.   In a traditional tobacco cigarette you are tasting the combustion (burning) of the tobacco.  The flavor of tobacco e-liquids is the true actual flavor of the tobacco, not the burning of it.

CLOSEST to a Real Cigarette : Red Box New and Dirty Ashtray are the closest that we offer to emulate the taste of the burning of the tobacco.  Please read the reviews on those products.

Tastes: Flavors will taste different from other suppliers,  so while you may not like Ry4 from one supplier, you may like the flavor mixed by another.   Please order our 5ml size to try before you order a larger size.  

7/11/12: Added Tobacco Magic™ Flavor Enhancer to Supplies category - Designed by ECBlend to enchance ECBlend tobacco-flavored e-liquids.  Tobacco Magic™ helps smooth out the dry taste and remove some of the harsh bite from tobacco flavors. 


Due to personal tastes and preferences we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for e-liquid products. We highly recommend purchasing a 5ml sample bottle of eLiquid to find out if it is good for your personal tastes.
All e liquid images on this website are for flavor reference only. Flavors are e liquid.