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Do it yourself ELiquid

Do it yourself E-Liquid INSTRUCTIONS


  • Mix an 
    • equal amount of Flavored E-Liquid with Triple Extra Flavor 
    • with an Equal amount of Flavorless E-Base in double your desired nicotine

 To make 120ml of eliquid with 12mg nicotine:


  • 60ml of your favorite flavored eliquid with Triple Extra Flavor at zero nicotine
  • 60ml of Flavorless E-Base in 24mg (double your desired nicotine)

Mix  in 125ml or larger Empty Bottle.

Shake well. 
Result: 120ml of 12mg Your-Favorite-Flavor E-Liquid

Best if steeped for at least a few days. More steeping time means greater flavor!

When mixing 2 equal bottles together, Add double your desired nicotine e-base to zero nicotine flavored.


WHEN COMBINING FLAVORLESS and Concentrated Flavorings

In an empty mixing bottle

  • Add from 10 to 20 drops of your desired flavoring concentrate.  (Adjust to taste)
  • Fill the remaining bottle with Flavorless in your choice of Base Mix and Nicotine (or no nicotine at all)

Shake and set aside for a few days to steep.

Try your creation, and adjust to taste.



If your new creation (after a few days, tastes light on flavor... add more flavoring.  Be cautious and add just a little at a time.)

If your new creation is too strong, perfumey, or chemical tasting ... let it steep for a few more days, or add more Flavorless to adjust the taste.

Play with it and the results will amaze you.

About Nicotine Types

REGULAR Nicotine is the most popular, is suitable for all devices and delivers a good satisfaction.

NICSALT Nicotine is suitable for all devices in 3mg and 6mg only. WARNING: NicSalt is not for use in subohm devices at 12mg nicotine and up.

Smooth Hit NicSalt provides the satisfaction delivered from faster delivery and more nicotine per hit.