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Cartomizers and Atomizers

Single and Dual Coil Cartomizers and Atomizers for your device.   

Find Help on Parts - Cartomizers and Atomizers and more   

WARNING:   There are many different styles and threading for personal vaporizers. 

Please be sure you are ordering the correct part for your device.

READ ME:  Clearomizers work best with higher PG base mixes.  A base mix of 60% PG/40% VG to 100% PG work best.  Higher VG percentages can increase the likelihood of a burnt taste due to a dry wick and coil.  It is also recommend to tilt the tank so our E-Liquid covers wicks when inhaling.  This will help insure the wick and coil are saturated.


RESISTANCESClick here for recommendations on RESISTANCES (Ohms) that will work properly on your device.


If in doubt, please send an email to HelpDesk@ecblend.com with information about your device BEFORE you place your order.  Include as much information about your device as you can: A direct link to the product would be best.  Brand and Model.

NO DISCOUNTS:  Unless otherwise specified, discount codes do not apply to this product.  
NO WARRANTY:  ECBlend does not offer warranties on cartomizers, clearomizers, tanks or atomizers. 

HELP ON PARTS > Tanks, Cartomizers, Adapters, Atomizers, and more...  

  • Smoktech 510 MEGA Dual Coil Cartomizer
    $3.25 $0.95 Cartomizer - SmokTech - 510 Dual Coil - Mega
    Enjoy smooth vapor and flavor with Smoktech's mega dual coil cartomizer.  With a surprising capacity of 5mL's of your favorite E-Liquid you are ready to hit the road without any down time.   It's outrageous...
  • SmokTech 510 Dual Coil Cartomizer at ECBlend Flavors
    $1.75 $0.95 Cartomizer - SmokTech - 510 Dual Coil - XL
    SmokTech 510 XL Dual Coil Cartomizer (empty)  Cartomizers are both the cartridge and atomizer combined in a single unit.    Fill with your favorite ECBlend e-Liquid  [Filling...
  • SmokTech 510 Cartomizer XL
    $1.50 $0.50 Cartomizer - SmokTech - 510 Single Coil - XL
    Cartomizers are both the cartridge and atomizer combined in a single unit.  COLOR: Stainless Steel Finish.  Fill with your favorite ECBlend e-Liquid  [Filling Instructions for cartomizers]  [Filling...
  • Friend Tip™ by ECBlend
    $0.25 Friend Tip™ by ECBlend
    Friend Tip® by ECBlend. Share your device with your family, friends, and customers safely.       Disposable or Reusable, Individually packaged in food-grade polybags...
  • Smoktech EGO Dual Coil Tank Replacement Cartomizer
    $1.50 Tank Replacement Cartomizer - SmokTech - EGO Tank Dual Coil
    NOTE: These are compatible with the tanks listed below.   These are ONLY compatible with EGO DC Tanks.   Verify your tank type using the links below before ordering.  If the threading is MALE...