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Mints - Menthols - Flavorless

10953022-s.jpgMint Flavors - Vape up some minty deliciousnessAdd chocolate to your favorite mint variety.  It's a perfect marriage of chocolate and the fresh sparkle of mint


ALL of our E-Liquids have Menthol, Cool Hit™, and Extra Menthol Options


SELECT your e-liquid flavor, then choose the Menthol or Cool Hit™ Option 

MENTHOL produces a minty taste and aroma and elicits cooling sensations.

COOL HIT® gives the cooling effect of menthol, without the minty taste.

EXTRA Menthol is 1.5x the menthol (strong)


  • ECBlend Candy Cane E-Liquid
    $2.50 Choose Options Candy Cane Twister
    E-Liquid Flavor   ECBlend's Candy Cane Twister  (Wizard) ECBlend's Candy Cane recipe with your choice of Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen, or Hot Cinnamon base (yes cinnamon! from our Cinnamon Fireball...
  • Cold Fusion E-Liquid by ECblend
    $2.50 Choose Options Cold Fusion - eLiquid
    ELiquid Flavors - Cold Fusion E-Liquid by popular request - ECBlend's Cool Hit™ x 3 plus Options selected plus flavor shots.  For customers who want triple the Cool Hit™ plus Menthol and +...
  • Cool Hit Eliquid by ECblend
    $2.50 Choose Options COOL HIT eLiquid
      COOL HIT® E-Liquid  COOL HIT® gives the cooling effect of menthol, without the minty taste. This item contains no Flavoring and has no odor when vaping.   This item contains COOL HIT®...
  • ECBlend E-Liquid Dragon's Breath
    $2.50 Choose Options Dragon's Breath - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   ECBlend's Dragon's Breath® - After-Dinner smooth and creamy flavors leave a lingering freshness and cooling sensation after vaping.  A...
  • Flavorless 100% VG - eLiquid
    $2.50 Choose Options Flavorless 100% VG - eLiquid
    E-Liquid -No Flavor   This item contains no Flavoring or additives and has no odor when vaping. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS 100% VG BASE E-LIQUID 100% VG based E-Liquids provide a smooth inhale with a lot of vapor...
  • Flavorless eLiquid
    $2.50 Choose Options Flavorless eLiquid
    E-Liquid - Flavorless This item contains no Flavoring or additives and has no odor when vaping. Options include Sweetener, Sour, Menthol, Extra Menthol, Cool...
  • Menthol - eLiquid
    $2.50 Choose Options Menthol - eLiquid
    Menthol E-Liquid - A cool smooth vape of pure menthol.  Add Extra Menthol for a stronger flavor, or mix it up by adding Cool Hit to increase the chill.   Try Perilous Mint for the ultimate blast of menthol,...
  • Menthol 100% VG - eLiquid
    $2.50 Choose Options Menthol 100% VG - eLiquid
    Menthol E-Liquid Flavor    This item contains MENTHOL Only  and is 100% VG.  100% VG based E-Liquids provide a smooth inhale with a lot of vapor production and very little throat hit. Order these...
  • Mints Selector
    $2.50 Choose Options Mints Selector
    E-Liquid Flavor   ECBlend's Mints Selector Alone or with added flavor for that Minty Freshness. Mint leaves have a pleasant warm, fresh, aromatic, sweet flavor with a cool aftertaste. Mint leaves are used...
  • Perilous Mint E-Liquid by ECBlend ELiquid Flavors
    $2.50 Choose Options Perilous Mint - eLiquid Flavor
    E-Liquid Flavor   An extreme blend of peppermint with a blast of menthol.   No Extra Flavor or Double Extra Flavor on this one!  It's already Extremely Perilous!   We strongly recommend ordering a 5ml...

Due to personal tastes and preferences we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for e-liquid products. We highly recommend purchasing a 5ml sample bottle of eLiquid to find out if it is good for your personal tastes.
All e liquid images on this website are for flavor reference only. Flavors are e liquid.