Massachusetts You can still order - READ MORE

UPDATE: 10-13-2019:  U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani will hear arguments tomorrow, Tuesday 10/15/2019  "The hearing Tuesday in Boston federal court is expected to focus on the vaping industry’s request to temporarily lift the ban while the broader case is decided."  READ MORE From CBSN Boston

UPDATE:  We will accept orders for shipments to Massachusetts, however, will hold orders until after the results of the hearing.  If the ban is upheld, we will contact you for instructions.  

In the meantime, to avoid delays please consider shipping to another state, and you can then do whatever you wish with your product.

You are not banned from ordering any of our non-vapor products such as raw flavorings, sweeteners and non-vaping supplies.  




Massachusetts - You can still order as long as you are shipping to another state.  

It is not illegal or against the rules for you to own vapor products.  It is against the rules for US to sell it to you for shipment into Massachusetts.  As far as we can tell by this order, once you own it, you can do whatever you want with it.

Also, Sellers in your state may sell you products for shipments outside of your state.


NOTE:  Avoid delays or having to cancel an order, please make sure you are shipping to another state.  If you are shipping to MA, we will need to call you for other arrangements.


"Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel said on Thursday the ban doesn’t apply to the online sale of vaping products by Massachusetts retailers, providing the person taking delivery is outside of the state. Similar sales by phone are also allowed." [Source: Wall Street Journal]