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We Age Verify: United States Minimum Age for E-Liquid 21+ More Info

Massachusetts Customers

AGE VERIFICATION:  All customers regardless of U.S. state are age verified.  We age-verify after the order is submitted and before the order is filled.  Read more here.


Mass customers may order on the following conditions

  • Orders are sold to and shipped to other states that do not have flavor bans
  • Many of our products are not banned or covered under MA Bill H.4196.  For those products, we will accept and process any order not containing banned products.
    • NOTE: Your order will be delayed if it contains banned products for your state.  Ordering and shipping to another state may be an alternative solution for you.  (Please check with your state)


  • Flavor Concentrates - We cannot fill orders for flavor concentrates all-purpose flavorings if you intend to use the product for vaping or if you purchase the product with vaping supplies.  We recommend you order directly from the manufacturers websites for flavor concentrates.  Our flavors are popular and many customers order these products for use in baking and other applications.  To prevent your order from being held up, if that is your intent, please put a note in the comments section of your order.  (ECBlend reserves the right to not ship any product if we believe the intention is to violate state law.)


  • ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED:  Products that are not banned, but require Age Verification Adult Signature Delivery in Massachusetts:  Will be charged $5 for the Adult Signature for orders under $75.  Orders over $75 that require the adult signature on delivery will not be charged for that service.





MA Tobacco Control Law