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ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors
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Customer Creations 2014



  • AZ Cowboy E-Liquid at ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 AZ Cowboy - eLiquid Flavor
    AZ Cowboy  - Nice smooth Desert Gold, Keoke, and Red Hots... "nice smooth cinnamon flavor" (For BEST Results, Steep for at 1-2 weeks)...
  • Bananas Foster - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Bananas Foster - eLiquid Flavor
    Bananas Foster - "Twist on  the classic New Orleans dessert.     Decadently delicious - flavors of bananas, brown sugar, vanilla, rum and cinnamon blend perfectly. Simply mouthwatering!" ...
  • BG's Pumpkin Pie - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 BG's Pumpkin Pie - eLiquid Flavor
    Pumpkin Spice, Brown Sugar, French Vanilla and Pie Crust flavors make an exact replica of a fall favorite.  
  • Bourbon Custard - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Bourbon Custard - eLiquid Flavor
    Rich, Thick & Creamy Custard infused with Vanilla Bourbon.  (There is no real alcohol in the blend. It's flavoring!)
  • Caramel Apple Rum
    $2.50 Caramel Apple Rum - eLiquid Flavor
    Caramel, Apple, and Rum!  It has a hint of almond taste as well.     (There is no real alcohol in this e-liquid.  It's...
  • Choco Fluff - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Choco Fluff - eLiquid Flavor
    Tastes like that chocolaty cereal that you loved in your youth, now in a vapor.  
  • Cigarro Vigorosso Vape Juice
    $2.50 Cigarro Vigorosso - eLiquid Flavor
    For cigar lovers, a fuller bodied blend.  Spicy yet smooth with notes of espresso and cocoa.  Enjoy!     The name is Spanish, meaning strong cigar.  Cigarro can mean cigar or cigarette...
  • Cold Irish Mint
    $2.50 Cold Irish Mint - eLiquid Flavor
    Fresh sweet Irish dairy cream, Irish whisky, spice, and Icy Creme de Menthe goodness.      (There is no real alcohol in this e-liquid.  It's...
  • Green Apple Rock - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 Green Apple Rock - eLiquid Flavor
    A Sweet version of a childhood favorite, that won't rot your teeth.  
  • Island Dream E-Liquid
    $2.50 Island Dream - eLiquid Flavor
    This pineapple, strawberry, coconut, and sweet cream blend is sure to have your taste buds screaming for more. The sweet-tart taste of the pineapple classic strawberry flavor marries very well with the subtle hint of coconut...
  • Paradise Punch Vape E-Liquid
    $2.50 Paradise Punch - eLiquid Flavor
    Kick back, relax and transcend to a land of paradise. This tropical fruit medley will tantalize your taste buds with a mixture of melons and tropical fruits!
  • PNuter Cake2 - Premium Artisan E-Liquid | ECBlend Flavors
    $2.50 PNuter Cake2 - eLiquid Flavor
    Delicious creamy Peanut Butter flavor, layered with a mildly sweet & moist Buttery Vanilla Cake base, with a hint of toasted peanuts to finish it off.   This is a Full Bodied & Rich Vape. Rich Peanut Butter...
  • Strawberry Cloud
    $2.50 Strawberry Cloud - eLiquid Flavor
    Strawberries, sweet cream and fluffy spun sugar blended for a deliciously light sweet taste vape.